Monday, June 6, 2016

.::Hong Kong Trip 2016::.

29/05/2016 - 01/06/2016 It's the time of my life to travel outside of the country without my family members and just a friend. At first there's unexpected drama happen.. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah it's settled smoothly.. I'm traveling with Ain she used to be a practical teacher in our school.. Honestly, I rely on her during this trip and I've learnt my lesson a lot.. Thank you, Ain.. Despite every drama that had happened during the journey you are still my crazy sister.. haha..

Travel with Ain. We're heading to our hotel.

Hello! Hong Kong.

Visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Dreams come true! Disneyland.

Halal Dim Sum. Yummy

Friday, September 11, 2015

.::Sweet September::.

Early September, I celebrated my boss's birthday at Sky Blu Bar, Roof top Grandis Hotel & Resort, Kota Kinabalu.. It's a private dinner for two.. I'm glad he loves the half-surprise (he already knew I have reserved a dinner earlier) birthday celebration.. After we finished our dinner we went to Abg Sabri's home to look and arrange "Sesuai Bercinta" music video we finished working at 3am.. 

2nd September, Apiz PasChya's Birthday

"Selamat Hari Jadi, Sayang"

Chocolate Moist and Black Forest

Personal Assistant & Boss

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Malam semalam RTM Sabah ( menganjurkan program #sehatisejiwa bersama anak-anak yatim As-Sakinah Kinarut... Saya menemani adik Santiana kerana dia dijemput sebagai artis jemputan...

Me and Santiana

Ramai rakan2 yang lain turut memeriahkan acara kelmarin iaitu Apiz Paschya bersama kawan2nya Haider & Adin aerta Adik Haiyrosman 

Sedikit kenangan bersama anak2 yatim..

Bersama Amira dan temannya...

Bergambar bersama anak staff

Adik asyraf yg comel dan nakal... Hihi

Selepas acara kami kupi2 dulu... Hihi

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

.::2015 Birthday Celebration::.

Alhamdulillah... Allah masih izinkan saya bernafas dimuka bumi ini...
Kelmarin merupakan sambutan hari lahirku...
Seawal pagi aku sibuk mengurus para pelajar dan bergerak ke Rumah Warga Tua Sri Prichard, Kinarut, Papar untuk Lawatan Mahabbah sempena ihya Ramadhan...
Tengah hari aku agak penat lalu rehat dan terlelap sebentar...
Lepas asar aku bergerak ke suria Sabah...
Berbuka bersama keluarga sambil meraikan hari lahirku dan adik perempuanku yang sepatutnya hari ni...
Aku balik ke sekolah dan melatih budak2 drama...
Birthday celebration

30/06 & 29/06

Cutting cake...

Chocolate Ice-cream cake..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

.::Kimchi Trip 2015::.

love to travel... Recently, I went to Seoul, South Korea with my mother and little sister... My mother was having her Nursing International Conference at COEX convention centre... As for me and my sister it's time for us to explore the soul of Asia metropolitan city.. We stayed for 7 days at Gangnam Serviced Residences it was cozy and homey.. My sister said that was her dream house.. Well, the house was hi-tech. In the house, they provide stove and microwave for cooking, a washing machine and the most interesting one was the toilet.. You can blow dry your down under after doing your business.. How cool is that? Haha.. What I can say about Seoul.. During our visit we need to beware of MERS.. Our guide said no need to worry because the infection only occurred around the hospital but he said "please use your mask and sanitize yourself always" .. Subway transportation in Seoul was one of the most memorable memories I've experienced so far.. My sister and I got lost several times... Hahaha... Here some pictures from the soul of Asia...
We were staying here for 7 days. Thank you.

We were at Gyeongbok Palace..

My sister's dream come true visiting SM TOWN 

It's my dream to dine in Hello Kitty Cafe! Yeayyy!!!

Iftar at Hello Kitty Cafe with mummy, sister and Prof. Zahara: 1 Caramel Hot Chocolate, 1 Vanilla Latte, 2 Latte, 1 Oreo Cheese Cake and Fruit Ice Cream Waffle... Thank you Prof. Zahara for the treat...

We were at Namdaemun Market and met this amazing person.. He is quite famous with his Ta-Rae dessert...

My sister and I at Namsan Tower Park..

Home sweet home..


Friday, January 9, 2015

.::Blank Space::.

I hope it's not too late for me to wish Happy New Year 2015.. I have some empty spaces to fill in this year... Well, I'm not young anymore so I will not playing around... Haha... Ok... I write this blog for a special person that I have met long time ago during my friend's wedding in December 2011 and we met again in October 2014! guess what we become best buddies... I spent time with this person almost every day... haha.. We did a lot of fun activities together and some friends... His name is Apiz Paschya.. He is a Sabahan singer and songwriter... He won Best Performance in "Carta Lagu Artis Sabah 2013" with his song "Ingin Kamu" during that performance my brother (Fanzi Ruji) was helping him with my sisters (Santiana and Izzi) I really love to see them on stage... He is humble, gentleman, great in cooking my favourite dish "wantan ho" and owns a cafe in One Place Mall, Putatan (Koffee Kafe).. He is working on his new album for this year.. The album will be produced by Bard Muffins and his new single will be out soon "Sudah" song/lyrics: Apiz Paschya and "Sesuai Bercinta" song: Bard Muffins lyrics: Ad Samad.. Now, let's the pictures talk...

Friday, September 12, 2014

.::Continuous Professionalism Development::.

To be honest... September is my super busy month.. First week, I need to visit 3 schools for PT3 Moderation and Verification... Only one school I didn't manage to visit this week because I need to attend CPD course... This course is important for our DG44 application... We need to complete all 4 for modules during the CPD course... It was fun! I enjoyed every moment of it... Plus, I met great people... Yeayy 

My group

I'm conducting the forum 

We were finishing modul C (serious face over there) with my fellow English Teachers

Teacher from my school kak Diyana...